Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Custody & Visitation: Into the Ether

He wrote:

Maleficent –

Our current method of “communicating” is just not working. Ignoring my phone calls and not responding to my emails or voice mails is not doing either of us, or Cinderella, any good.

We need to talk. Please, let’s not go back to the way things were. Not after we’ve worked so hard over the last year and half to move beyond the past. I will make myself available ... so we can resolve this issue.

- Prince Charming

She responded:

There really hasn't been anything to communicate about but the emails work great. Thanks.

Cinderella then came home from visiting with her Mom and said:

Mommy looked at my throat and said it looks really bad.
Mommy thinks I may have strep.
Mommy said I am immune to amoxicillin.
Mommy said I should tell the doctor that I am immune to amoxicillin.
Mommy said augmentin will keep me from having my tonsils taken out.
Mommy said I might have allergies.
Mommy said I should be tested for allergies.

For someone who has nothing to communicate about, Maleficent sure has a lot to say.


Maternal Mirth said...

You poor woman! It's the same here. It's actually in our Court Order to communicate by email only because the judge caught OUR "other mother" lying too many times. Proof will always be provided in emails.

It's a sad thing to see another woman loose so much maturity over these things. Makes you question the female sex at times, huh?

erinls88 said...

I think I may have posted this before, but... it seems like our BMs are the same person!!!
I totally know how that feels...