Friday, October 12, 2012

16 Candles

Cinderella turned 16 this summer.
She celebrated with her family and one special "friend."*
In my home.

She wanted me to plan and host her party; just like old times when we all were living the fairytale together in the same castle. She's missed these parties over the past couple of years, while she struggled with accepting and dealing with her Dad's and my divorce.
She wanted a return to normalcy. She didn't want her 16th birthday to pass without something special to commemorate. And others who-shall-remain-nameless had conditioned her to believe that she wouldn't get a party because they were too expensive.
It took weeks of reassurance and gentle pushing by me before she allowed herself to hope for a party, let alone decide on what kind she wanted.
In the end, she didn't want a fancy dress party. She wanted to be home surrounded by those that love her most.
Prince Charming, Hansel & Gretel, my Mom, my (ex)StepMom, my ex-inlaws all came together to enjoy a casual summer BBQ in celebration of Cinderella.
We went with a mermaid theme. The Little Mermaid was always her favorite movie as a little girl, and she has never outgrown her fascination of mermaids. Shades of teal and aqua, seashells, and her favorite crab dip were enjoyed by all.
Her cake has become one of my favorites.
So beautiful in it's simplicity.
Just like her party...and what I hope will become her life moving forward.

[*More on the "friend" later.]