Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Custody & Visitation: Communication Break Down

It's always the same...

Maleficent continues to maintain radio silence.

Citing that Prince Charming's telephone conversations with her are "disruptive in my home and to my health." Dictating that their communications are to now take place via email only.

She refuses to answer or return phone calls. They don't work for Her, she says.

Perhaps it's too much Reality for her fragile Psyche to handle. She can't escape to her distorted view of reality when engaged in an actual conversation with her Daughter's custodian.

She's hiding behind her Role of The Victim. Escaping reality through Active Avoidance. And in so doing stripping Prince Charming of any and all Authority.

She's not answering his emails either.

Maleficent will send an email when she has something to say. When she wants extra time with Cinderella. When she feels the need to remind Prince Charming of an impending deadline to choose summer vacation weeks so she can then pick her vacation time.

ONLY when She has something to say.

Otherwise, Prince Charming's missives get lost in the ether. Questions, unanswered. Concerns, dismissed. Pleas to work things out, ignored.

He's having one-sided conversations.

It's as if He only exists in her World when and IF She allows it.

I'm tempted to yell. To pick up the phone and scream some sense into her. It's frustrating. Stupid. Childish. And mostly a waste of effort and energy.


clevergirl said...

We deal with the exact same thing, only she has custody and Sunshine is there for the school year. If her mom doesn't feel like answering the phone, she doesn't, and she never returns calls no matter what it is about. We either have to catch her when we are talking to Sunshine and therefore know she is there, or call so much she gets annoyed and answers the phone.

The whole thing is ridiculous.

laurak said...

So nice to know other people are going through this. We can't get our equivalent of M ("Voldemort") to even commit to what country Harry Potter will be going to high school in, and of course, we must only discuss this via scattered emails which she stops as soon as she doesn't like the topic.