Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Did You Know...

... that there was a Wicked Stepmom Store?!?!


Me neither. I forgot about it. Had written it off (at least from the blog) thinking noone really cared for or wanted any silly t-shirts or mugs with my lame-ass amateur poison apple logo. It's been sittin' there for a year now collecting virtual dust.

Apparently I was wrong! I got an email last week from CafePress! Telling me I had made some sales! As in purchases! As in people actually wanting the T-shirts and mugs and magnets, even!

So I spiffed things up a bit, added some fun (and loving) products for the Stepkids and replaced the link on my blog up over there.

Oh, yeah. And ordered myself
this shirt. You'd think I would have done that already, but nooooo. Instead I wear a stepmom shirt from someone elses CafePress store.

I'm an effin' Self-Promotion & Marketing Queen, I tell ya!

1 comment:

Maternal Mirth said...

As soon as I get permission to use the Visa ... someone is gonna be snatching up some product :)