Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Where do they come up with this stuff?

Toddler: [in the car] "Mommy, can you roll up my window? My hair is getting winded."

Toddler: [during our first ultrasound for baby #2] "That's not a baby, that's an alien baby!"

Both kids at age 3: [when being just plain argumentative over anything] "No I amn't!"

Toddler: Anything that begins with a "V" comes out with the "D" sound. "His sister's name is "Vicki", he just calls her "Dick" for short.

One day, in response to a moment of extreme obnoxiousness on his part, I turned around to my son and for lack of anything better to say exclaimed "You ... TODDLER!" to which he promptly replied: "You ... MOMMY!"

And my all time fave...

Toddler: [after spotting the little uvula/hangy-thing in the back of my throat] "Mommy! You have a nipple in your teeth!"