Friday, June 15, 2007

Where Everything Stops

A mysterious plague has struck our home.
Every one of us has been sick since last week.
Mostly it's your average cold with your run-of-the-mill cold symptoms.
Stuffy nose.
Sore throat.
Fever & chills.
As is typically the case, none of us have the same symptoms at the same time but they always cycle through each and every one of us. And some of us, if we're lucky, enjoy a second round of said symptoms.
(The crap coming out of my nose today is just WRONG!)
We've each gone to the doctor. Each been tested for strep. All negative.
Just for fun, I also have a slight case of pink eye, because I am so special.
Never one to be outdone, Prince Charming tops the weird symptoms list. His problem is all in is stomach rendering him unable to eat or drink without suffering excruciating pain.
He's been his doctor, the ER and a gastroenterologist.
He's has blood work, X-Rays, ultrasound, CT scan and an endoscopy.
Everything's come back normal. Well, if you consider this ultrasound pic normal...

(Yes, he's pregnant with a bunny.)
(I can't believe the ultrasound tech encouraged that.)

His doc performed a biopsy during his endoscopy on Tuesday. We get the results today.
Doc tried to assure me he believed it was something viral. But still.
Nothing can bring one's world to a screeching hault like the word B-I-O-P-S-Y.


Kendra said...

So sorry to hear you're all feeling cr*ppy. Hope everything comes back negative and everyone gets well soon!

Rose said...

Wow! That's a lot to handle when you are already feeling crappy.
I hope everything is alright!