Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Because I Am a Lazy Wench

Oh, you mean I was supposed to post about Hansel's preschool graduation last week and how I cried the moment I saw his teacher leading a classmate (not him!) by the hand into the classroom and then again at her 1.5 second speech in which she referred to them all as "my babies" and then choked up herself?

Ok. Well I cried.

They wore caps of red, white and blue. Hansel's was white.
They showed us how to count to 12 in sign language.
They sang songs apparently complete with hand movements but which I could not see because every other parent was STANDING IN FRONT OF ME taking pictures of their kid forcing me to hold my camera blindly in the air like some paparazzi hoping to catch some newsworthy photo.
I did manage to catch the moment he was given his diploma.

Not bad, eh?
And yes, his cap is on SIDEWAYS! Seriously, whatthehell?!
But I fixed it for this picture.

He was so proud. And apprently, as I've found out this week, had no clue that he would not be going back to preschool.

(Oh yeah, and our school district sucks ass at scheduling. Cinderella's graduation from 5th grade was the same day. So Prince Charming missed Hansel's ceremony and I missed hers.)


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Liz said...

Awww...I did the same at both my kid's Kindergarten Graduations and I'm sure I'll do it again at their 8th Grade graduations and Sr. kids make me cry just by watching them grow....

Ann said...

Even thought it has been many years for me..I do remember those preschool days....

...and all the days and events after that...the crying part seems to continue though.

Great photo, it made me smile and brought back a lot of memories.