Thursday, July 26, 2007

Just Say Hello (REDUX)

I left my camp shirt at Mommy's. I need it for our field trip this Friday.
My first reaction was to tell her that she wouldn't be able to go on the trip then.
Her Father and I have been telling both kids that they need to be more responsible with their camp things.
A forgotten water bottle. Lost Tae Kwon Do uniforms. Towels left in the van. Forgetting to tell us when they need to bring something in.
Maybe missing out on a field trip will drive the message home.
I quickly realized my reaction was not about teaching anyone a lesson in responsibility. It was out of my dread and not wanting to pick up the phone and call Maleficent to ask for the t-shirt.
This is ridiculous!
Is this what I have been reduced to?
Then I remembered this resolution.
Nuh-uh. No way, lady. I'm not going to let your refusal to communicate bring me down to that same level of childishness.
I choose to be the Adult.
It's an effing t-shirt for chrissakes. It was left at your apartment and the kid needs it for camp.
End. Of. Story.
I need it back so I can wash it (because I know you are not going to do it for me or Cinderella).
I call her cell phone. It goes directly to voice mail (as it has been doing since this).
I'm Polite. I'm Respectful. I let her know that she can leave the shirt in the mailbox if she'd rather not come to the door. Or even drop it off to Cinderella at camp Friday morning to avoid coming here altogether. Whatever she is more comfortable with. (Why I am so placating is beyond me sometimes.)
Either way, I ask that she call me back, or email Prince Charming just so I know.
She does neither. Instead she chooses to relay the message through Cinderella.
During their nightly phone call last night, Maleficent tells Her that the t-shirt will be dropped off around 8/8:30pm tonight. Cinderella relays the message to me.
Oh, and Mommy's washing machine is broken.
An hour later the phone rings again. I check voice mail. It's Maleficent asking for Cinderella to call her.
When Cinderella gets off the phone she tells me that now Maleficent says she will drop off the t-shirt at 6:30pm tonight.
I guess I should be happy to have the extra time to do the laundry.

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Erin said...

I go through the exact same thing with my stepkids' biomom. It drives me up the freaking wall, too.

I really like your blog. I'm adding it to my blogroll as I write. I'm a stepmom, too and write a blog about stepmom stuff as well. Great to see other stepmoms wtih the same parenting issues.