Friday, July 20, 2007

Eight Random Things About Me

Thanks to Susan Reynolds for popping my Meme cherry! I hope I don't disappoint.

1. When I was 16, I ran away from home and slept in the elevator closet on the roof of an apartment building. I ran away not because I hated my Mother, but because my best friend hated her Mother and I just couldn't leave her alone.

2. I love sweet gherkin pickles with Jif peanut butter - dipped in or sliced on a sandwich.

3. I used to be a Trekker" (not to be confused with a "Trekkie" thankyouverymuch) complete with the role playing uniform, was a crew member on a ship and attended quite a few Star Trek conventions AND! snagged a Majel Barrett autograph.
(Yeah, I know. I say "Trekker." You say "dork." Whatever. The uniform was kewl.)

4. I was once involved in a car chase. I was the driver. And the one being chased.

5. When I was a little girl, I thought the sky was a giant semi-circular dome that encased the Earth; the Moon followed me and ONLY me; and more than once during a vacay cross-country found myself wondering 'who was the highway line leader?'

6. I'm a sexual abuse survivor-in-progress.

7. My great-great-grandfather was born in Cty Cork Ireland, immigrated to the US in the 1800s, lied about his age so he could join the army and went on to fight in 17 Civil War battles.

8. I always challenge myself to identify and name the celebrity doing the voice-over in commercials (and I always win!).

Tag! You're it: BlondeByDesign, Dayngr, KarrieLyne, Canape, BrendaJos, Maternal Mirth, Kat, Golden Calf & Cathleen Rittereiser.


Susan Reynolds said...

This is wonderfully done. And you are speshul :-)

Ann said...

Feck...the MOON followed me too! I thought that very same thing as a kid.


canape said...

ooo, I missed this, sorry! I'll have to get right on it :)

A car chase? As in high speed? I've only ever been followed, not chased. One sounds exciting, the other just annoying.

Kat said...

Great! I needed something to post about!