Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Kandahar: Summer of Love

This is Danny.

Danny is a soldier. A Sergeant Major in the Army and part of a Team of nineteen men currently stationed in Afghanistan fighting the War on Terror. Their mission is to train the Afghan Army on ways to fight the Taliband.
Danny and his men are in need of some TLC.
They have been adopted by myself and some fellow Twitter-folk thanks to an initiative started by this woman. Who asked this man on his recent trip with the Secretary of Defense to find a soldier in need of TLC. He brought Danny to us.
A call to help was broadcast.
Those of us who answered the call have committed to sending a little bit of home, a little bit of love, and a whole lotta support to this brave group of men.
So far, I have sent two boxes of food items to Danny & His Team. Some specifically requested by them - Crunch 'N Munch, Hot Peanuts and Trail Mix.
And some suggested by a fellow Twitter-er and Army Reservist. Crystal Lite to be exact. 80 individual packets to help flavor their not so flavorful water and keep them hydrated 'cuz they tell me it's hot over there.
(BTW - Did you know that only a few bags of trail mix can push a box's weight almost to its 10lb limit?!?)

The kids are getting involved too. Cinderella & Hansel's camp is currently working on individual art projects and letters/penpal requests for each of the nineteen soldiers.
My next care package will be some cake/cupcake creation because that's - what - I - do.
If you'd like to get involved with helping Danny or other service men and woman check out this site and this one to get you started.
It can be as simple as an email, or a postcard or letter.
Or as ambitious as this awesomely incredible Twitter Knitter. (Yeah, she's one of the ones who convinced me to take up the habit craft.)
Do it for them. Do it for me. Do it for your Country.


Ann said...

What a great group to find myself aligned with...I knew if I put it out there on the blog that I would make 19 bears..I would do it. On number 9 now.


Dayngr said...

I'm helping too. Don't forget that you can use priority mail flat rate boxes to ship to the troops. This way you pay one flat rate no matter how much the box weighs. They come in two sizes too. Not bad huh? Keep up the good work. The troops really appreciate it.

Angel said...

How wonderful it is to volunteer and send love to those that are fighting for our country!! The men of Kandahar will love everything and I am also happy to be apart of the Twitter-folk who are sending pieces of home to them!! Kudos to you!!!