Monday, January 30, 2006

Just Say Hello

The phone rings. Caller ID displays the familiar number which I have learned to dread.
It's 10:30am.
Neither Hubby nor Cinderella are home.
She never calls this early.
I decide to answer the phone instead of letting it go to voicemail, as usual.
Hi. How are you?
Fine, thanks. And You?
Oh! I'm good, thanks.
Her tone tells me she is surprised that I seemed interested in how she is doing. I remember that this is the most we have spoken since my coming into Cinderella's life so she doesn't know what to expect from me.
She has no idea this is part of my normal telephone etiquette, and that I really don't care how she is doing. I am simply being polite because I was taught to be.
I was also taught to be respectful. But I have learned to be resentful.
I was taught to be forgiving. I have learned to hold a grudge.
I was taught to be trusting. I have learned to be cynical.
I now must unlearn all that I have learned.
The slate must be swept clean.
For now, I will
just say hello.

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