Monday, March 19, 2007

What Would St. Pat's Day Be Without...

(*Edited to add link to soda bread recipe. I used this recipe but I also added raisins. How much? A couple of handfulls until it looked like there was enough.)
(** Soda bread with raisins is called "spotted dog.")

Irish Porridge for breakfast.
A feast of corned beef and cabbage,
beef and guinness stew, colcannon, champ and soda bread.
A pint of two of the
black stuff... and,

Our very own mischievious Leprechaun.

And one of the Frosty-kind,

And a puking Pixie who figured her Mom hadn't had enough after
this experience. This time, in addition to getting Herself AND my clothes she projectile vomitted all over the couch cushions.
Lucky for me our guests came to my aid as my Prince Charming simply stood there pint in one hand and stew in the other frozen like a deer caught in the headlights.
'Tis a Blessing indeed!

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Kendra said...

Not again! So sorry! Now I can emp as well as symp - you were right about my little Irish lass - as her Mum was worshipping the porcelain god Fri night. Lovely weekend, what with the puke and the snow.

On a lighter, non puke related note, I'm disappointed you don't have a soda bread link there...I tried to make some in the bread machine (with appropriate lass subs) and it turned out rather chewy...back to puke related, then again after seeing it backward I really don't want any anyway.