Monday, March 26, 2007

Dear Internet. I Need Your Advice.

Hansel went to the E.R. Thursday night.
After 4 hours, some medicine in his butt to control his vomitting and 2 dixie cups of liquids later he came home.
The evil virus seems to be gone now.
Left in its wake is a weakened shell of a boy. He's lost 5 pounds and is now mere SKIN and BONES.
No exaggeration there.
I was shocked at what I saw in the bath yesterday. His HUGE knee joints and protruding clavicles made me a bit uneasy.
His appetite is slow to recover. I am anxious to help fatten him up like a Spring pig.
Today, he's had two cups of milk, 1/2 yogurt cup and 1/3 of a pop-tart.
His all-time favorite, Ovaltine, is being given the cold shoulder.
Ack! What am I to do?!

Any advice as to what I can feed him that packs the most punch? Is healthy and high in calories?


Anonymous said...

This link might help you some:

stepblog said...

My mom always relied on Carnation Instant Breakfast (though it may be too much like Ovaltine). Peanut butter toast? Hope he's all better soon!h

Kat said...

Peanut butter on bananas adds weight. Also - will he drink an Ensure?

Poor little guy. Personally, I'd make him chocolate chip cookies!

Wicked Stepmom said...

Wish I could feed him peanut butter... but he's allergic to peanuts. I tried making him a shake with the carnation instant breakfast and ice cream (thanks for the oncology link!) but he said it was "too sugary."

This kid's a tough one. He LOVES my pancakes, so I added powdered milk for the extra calorie boost and am basically letting him eat whenever he says he's hungry -- which is ALL DAY. And giving him lots of milk, which he also loves.

Thanks, everyone, for your thoughtful suggestions!