Thursday, March 8, 2007

Love Thursday: A Toy Story

Once upon a time there was a Bunny. She was loved by a Little Girl.
The Bunny had pink ears and a rattle hidden inside its feet.
Daddy brought her Home one day when the Little Girl was a Baby.
The Little Girl slept with the Bunny and brought Her everywhere.
They ate breakfast together. And lunch. And dinner.
The Bunny sat on the bathroom sink and watch as the Little Girl splashed and played in the bathtub.
They would watch Pokemon cartoons every night. And go to the movies together. And birthday parties.
The Little Girl would take the Bunny to the park where they would play on the slide and swings together.
The Bunny attended every one of the Little Girl's tea parties. And co-starred with her in every play and musical performance.
Every night Daddy would tuck the Little Girl and the Bunny in bed before reading them a bedtime story.
(And then the Little Girl would read her own stories to the Bunny after Daddy left.)
(For hours.)
The Bunny even went with the Little Girl to the hospital and got to wear a surgical mask and hat. The Bunny was there when the Little Girl went to sleep and was there when She woke up.
The Bunny was also there when her Daddy married her Stepmom.

When one of Bunny's ears ripped the Little Girl's Daddy fixed it.
He carefully cut a piece of Yellow cloth and stitched the torn ear back together.
(Yellow was the Little Girl's favorite color.)
The Bunny was happy with her new ear. The Little Girl was happy too.
The one day the Little Girl lost her Bunny.
For the hundreth time.
And like every time before, the Little Girl's Daddy was able to find the Bunny.
This time Bunny was left on a shelf in a toy store. Carefully put there by the Little Girl as she played with some newer toys.
It's time we keep Bunny safe at Home in Your Bed.
The Little Girl's Daddy couldn't bear the thought of her losing her beloved friend for good.
The Little Girl agreed. And the Bunny was happy.
Ten years have past since the Bunny came to know the Little Girl.
The Bunny knows there will come a day when the Little Girl won't need her as much. That when that day comes She will be packed away with her other cherished childhood memories and replaced with magazines and makeup and BOYS.
Until that day Bunny will continue to keep the Little Girl company at night and guard her bed every day while she is away at school.
For the Bunny loves the Little Girl. And the Little Girl loves her back.

Happy Love Thursday.


Rachel C Miller said...

Wow! Welcome to the twentieth century .

Bongga Mom said...

Awwwww..... my heart melts. My son has a similar relationship with a pink flannel blanket

pink flannel blanket

PastorMac's Ann said...

Awwww. Such a sweet story and I love the pictures too. The story just warms my heart. Thanks for sharing it with us. Happy Love Thursday.

daionara said...

I don't what touched me more, the girl and her Bunny or the fact that her DADDY did Bunny surgery.

Paul said...

This brought tears to my eyes. Lovely.