Thursday, May 18, 2006

[Not-So] Merry-Go-Round

It's 11:30pm.
I am plagued by thoughts of dread for tomorrow.
The Boy needs $6 for an in-house field trip at his preschool.
[SIX DOLLARS and they aren't even going anywhere. What the fuckity fuck?!]
There is $1.20 in our checking account.
The Husband doesn't have enough gas in his car to get to work.
The storage facility that we are renting charged $600 on my debit card thus leaving us with one dollar and twenty cents.
[A credit was supposedly issued on Monday but according to my suckass bank it can take up to four, FOUR business days for that money to reappear. Yeah, try telling that one to my car insurance company who is waiting for my overdue premium payment.]
What's a parent to do?
Do we send him to school without the money knowing that he could watch as the rest of his class participate in the field trip while he is left behind?
Do we keep him home to avoid things altogether?
Do we beg the school to allow him to go to the field trip with the promise of an I.O.U.?
What if they say no?
This ride on the money merry-go-round is not fun.
I want to get off.

[Updated to add Hubby came through, as he always does. The Boy was able to participate in the ridiculously overpriced field trip which was an interactive story-teller. Whatever the cost, he had a blast. His imagination and love of reading fueled by the experience.]


Kat said...

Hugs to you Wicked Stepmom! It breaks my heart that you are doing everything right by your children - and yet all this is happening.

Call the school. Tell them what happened, and explain that this in-house field trip is something that the Boy would absolutely adore and would not want to miss out on. Most schools have certain funds set aside if something like this happens with their students.

InterstellarLass said...

Urgh! I know that pain. I agree with Kat. Explain to the school. I'm sure the Boy will be able to participate.

I do agree that $6 for an in-house school trip is excessive. I mean, what the heck are they doing?

And someone said "This too, shall pass." I just hope it passes soon!

amy said...

My inclination to respond to this stranger blogging
is overwhelming,
None of my business, A stranger, Move on. Say nothing.
But- she choose to blog, maybe she wants feed back? or just support of her choices?

Frustration overwhelms me, So here it is, what I notice about Wicked Stepmothers blog world.....

I feel terrible sadness for the bio mother ten minutes early, outside instead of in for a cup of coffee.... This power struggle seems so painfully unnecessary for everyone involved. She must know this, I insist. She must know when she is looks into her mouses eyes imagining waiting for another woman to release her child at a time mandated by a piece of paper. She must know that no matter what the circumstances, teaching kindness and compassion is more important.

Cherios in a dishwasher, unforgivable! What a ghastly, rebellious, defiant child. Step mom must know how petty this look. She must see the irony that she imperfect as well and accidentally puts diapers in the wash-

The money, oh my, The obviousness here is absurd! Posting about 11 pairs of unused baby shoes, then posting the repo man (who comes while watching a big screen TV in her bedroom) . Her bank account is almost overdrawn due to the cost of storage- (too much stuff again?). Oh yes, this crisis is all because of a young child’s court costs? The absurdity of it all makes me wonder if this blog is a farce. The of lack of personal responsibility and willingness to blame children for their own circumstances borders on the unbelievable.

Will she get it, this stranger on the internet? Will she simply vilify a differing opinion and wrap herself up in comfort like minded people and continue to blame others- including children for her life choices? This is not my responsibility, but the intention is that awareness of another view will actually be helpful..... Kindness and personal responsibility are the key and need to start with you, noone else.....

Wicked Stepmom said...

Written words may be black and white.
Life is not.
For every detail posted here -no matter how absurd, ironic or unbelievable- there are a million others that are not.
Don't be so quick to ASSume you know the whole story.
[I wonder, could you say the same?]Thoughtful feedback is always appreciated.
Self-righteous criticism is not.
Thanks for stopping by... flattered that my words encouraged you to come back to comment.

- Cheers!

:o) said...

I highly doubt Miss Amy is a step-parent or a parent all, for that matter.

Did she stop to think that maybe those 11 pairs of shoes were not all the same size or that maybe some were gifts? How about that kids do things sometimes and need to learn the consequences of their actions (the cheerios)?

What a snotty little brat. (I'm so mature!)

amy said...

Fyi, I have two beautiful children who I share with their father. I could go to court for full custody I do not knowing that what I want and what is best for the children is not always the same. I struggle with their new step mom, but we always rise above our own discomfort for the well being of my daughters. I have taught early childhood education for the last 20 years and am a child activist. I look forward to the arrival of my third daughter soon with my new partner, and knowing that I am imperfect, and sometimes irresponsible ( I have prayed that my children keep thier teeth in before payday for tooth fairy money) I hope they learn that being kind, well intended, cooperation and accepting personal is very important in life. I do not think that however I word what your blog brings up for me will encourage you to see it as thoughtful critism, it will always be percieved as self rightous. So goodbye and good luck. I do encourage you to return to the women's "bonus mother" site and also realize that opening your life up for disagreements by blogging is also under your own power and responsibility.