Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Growing Up: Explaining The Big "O" [Yes I Mean *THAT* One]

What's an Orgasm?
[A blood vessel in my brain explodes.]
It says it here in my Book.
Cinderella proceeds to show me a series of cartoons in one of her "Let's Talk About Sex And Periods And Bras So You Can Wow and Amaze Your Parents Over Your Vast Knowledge Of These Subjects and Watch Them Squirm As You Attempt To Engage Them In A Conversation About It" books and one of them makes a reference to an orgasm.
So, what is It? What is an Orgasm?
[Again with that word! Why, OH WHY does she have to keep saying THAT WORD?? Can't She just point to it on the page and then giggle like any normal awkward pre-adolescent would do?!?!? She's not even 10 for Chrisakes!]
I proceed to explain to Her that an Orgasm is ... I have no idea what I said as the sound of my voice was suddenly drowned out by the cacophony of blood vessels exploding inside my own head.

[Actually, what I did tell Cinderella was that it's something that usually happens when two people are having sex and it's something that feels good. Whatever the Question I always try to give our children matter-of-fact age-appropriate answers no matter how badly their questions make me want to run from the room screaming. And thanks to this honesty they come to ME and not my Husband who actually does run from the room screaming.]

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InterstellarLass said...

I tried to explain sex to my son. I still don't think he gets it. My hubs has done a better job I think. Determining age-appropriateness can be iffy. Zed is almost 11, and doesn't want to hear anything about "it". If I ask him if he thinks a girl is cute, he wonders why I think he needs a girlfriend. I say I don't, I was just wondering if he thought she was cute. I get an eyeroll.