Sunday, May 21, 2006

Because I Am Secretly Competing With Amalah For Cutest Baby Pics

Amalah's Noah is so cutylicious.
I can't help but steal be inspired by his pics.
I think The Mouse wins the
Punk Baby contest hands-down!

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DEADEA said...

Oh your site is so fanciful and fun.. and what beautiful wee precious.
I myself did not get one.. and am now 44 and very sad about it.
I am however the not so step mom of 2,, over the last 18 years, and they never lived with us( until the 19) boy got kicked out of home( icky,, bad bad scene), so i am lost,, not a step mom,, not a naything, and everyone is living their lives, and i am so sad, that i am not a part of family,, only on special occassions. Thats my whine. I am hurt, as you can tell.
I try and be brave,, but, i am pretty much cooked with being the BIG Person,, all the time.

So i was seeing your site, and tht you call your baby the MOUSE,, how fun and sweet is that.

Yourr a good mommy.I can tell.

Sad for me,, happy for you
In British Columbia Canada