Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Custody & Visitation: Where "Keeping the Peace" Means "Giving In"

I shouldn't be surprised. But I am.
He called Her.
She told Him what he wanted to hear.
He caved.
All in the name if Keeping the Peace.
Prince Charming decided to allow Visitation to go back to what's been in practice for the past year, not what was decided in court. (For.A.Reason.)
In spite of the lack of respect he's been showed.
In spite of my warnings.
In spite of the disparaging remarks Cinderella has had to endure and the pervasive attempts at Parental Alienation.
(And WHOOBOY! did that child get an earful of her Mother's vile verbal diarrhea over the weekend!)
In spite of it all.
Maleficent won. And I do mean Maleficent because Cinderella is not benefitting from extended time with her Mother. Not in this way. Not at the expense of her moral and psychological development.
I don't call him Prince Charming for nothin'.
He's a better man than I am. I hope this doesn't come back to bite him in the ass.
But I fear it will.


Anonymous said...

Is he keeping the peace or still being a door mat for his ex-wife? Someone needs to grow some balls on that side of the family since apparently the only person who has them is Malificent.

canape said...

Wow. That's pretty harsh. Growing balls isn't the issue. Judgemental much?

I know I've said it before. Rational versus irrational. There is no winning or losing. There is only dealing with it as it comes.

erinls88 said...

i hope it doesn't come back to bite him either, but it seems that (especially in my case) that our prince charmings really do just want to "keep the peace". i guess they know how irrational the ex's are and so i think they take the "what's the point" approach.
good luck to you guys, i hope it all works out okay :)

StepMom2 said...

You are treated the way you allow people to treat you.