Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Rum, Wilted Pansies and Flooding

I got drunk last night and flooded my basement.
The former did not contribute to the latter in any way but it did keep me from a total freakout given our past experiences with flooding.
How did the former occur? Rum, mate. In the form of mojitos. Drank from my new mojito glasses and made with me spiffy new muddler.
How did the latter occur? With a sprinkler placed in the front garden to water my poor wilting pansies and apparently too close to a leaky foundation.
I was sitting on my front stoop 'neath my waving flag sipping my libation when I heard Prince Charming's frantic footsteps from inside the house followed by panicked screams out the window to STOP WATERING THE GARDEN YOU ARE FLOODING THE BASEMENT!
Did you know that drinking rum makes one swagger like Capt. Jack Sparrow? Especially when you are trying to avoid the coils of a garden hose whilst running to shut off said sprinkler...
Did you also know that a screaming toddler can bring a blog post to a screaming hault?
The End.


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I don't blame the rum..I blame DOUGE!!!