Thursday, May 24, 2007

How DARE I!!!

Cinderella graduated from her local D.A.R.E. program today.
She asked me, ME!!!!!! if I would put her bumpersticker on her car.
Not her Dad.
Not Maleficent.
At first I thought NOWAY. I hate bumperstickers. They're, well... sticky and a royal pain in the ass to remove which is what I would want to do when I trade in my rattly too-small-car-to-fit-our-family-of-five for a ::gasp!:: minivan.
(I'm totally gonna pimp it out BTW in keeping with my aspirations of being a total SMILF.)
But then I noticed IT. The sound of disappointment in her voice at my rejection of her accomplishment.
"Tell ya sweets, let's give Daddy first dibs and if he doesn't want to put the bumpersticker on his car, I will proudly show it off on mine."
I swear if she weren't anchored down by the seatbelt she would have shot straight to the moon and back propelled soley by sheer glee.

Always the epitomy of subtlety and patience Cinderella tackles Prince Charming as soon as he walked in the door for dinner tonight. He declined the offer, as predicted.
So there ya have it.
A bumpersticker. On my car. The first of many, I suspect.

(And I'm ok with that.)

(The only thing that could possibly top things is if Maleficent goes into orbit when she sees this. And perhaps gets slingshot into some galaxy far, far away.)


Sprite said...

TOTALLY COOL! Omgosh how I remember these days ... I'd almost forgotten about the bumper stickers, and all the other little things (it's been a few years now). Dang - you're making me miss my kids. Might need to take a quick run to the coast this weekend & take them to lunch. *Hugs* to you. M will no doubt be nasty and find projectile orbiting of brain within 15 sec. of seeing bumper sticker.

Kat said...

Hey - if you're gonna do a bumper sticker, at least do one with meaning - right?! I'm glad you caved!

Maternal Mirth said...

I get a lot of pleasure from my kids and my step-kid and the simple gestures that mean you are "Mommy", in all it's endearing glory!

I also get pleasure from MY Evil Witch's always-so-adult reactions to my "Mommy-ness" ... it's pure glee for me :)