Monday, October 16, 2006

Surviving the E.P.A.

Eczema. Peanut Allergy. Asthma.
A triple-threat that I knew nothing about until recently.
The Boy had/has all Three. Apparently that's not uncommon. I wish someone would have told me!
The Eczema appeared when he was an infant during his first winter. His legs showing the tell-tale scaly dry red patches. Thankfully it was mild. Easily controlled with liberal applications of Eucerin every night before bed. It's all but disappeared now. Last winter, his 3rd, it was undetectable.
The same might be true for his Peanut Allergy. Again, his reaction was mild and most likely just a sensitivity rather then a full-blown allergy but fuck if I'm going to test that out now. No sirree.
I'll leave that to the professionals. An allergist. Just as soon as we get insurance.
Now we add Asthma to the Fun List of Chronic Ailments Designed to Rattle Mommies Already Too Fragile Mental & Emotional State.
A recent cold ended in an emergency weekend visit to his pediatrician and a diagnosis of Asthma. The trigger being the gobs of mucous created by his cold. Again, it seems to be mild like the others. I hope it stays that way.
We now carry and Epi-pen AND inhaler with a clunky mask attachment with us wherever we go.
That aforementioned bubble is looking more and more appealing with every passing day.


InterstellarLass said...

My son has a latex allergy, but I never carried the Epi-pen. Fortunately all his reactions thusfar have been dermatological. My daughter had eczema too as an infant. Liberal amounts of Vaseline soothed her skin.

Anonymous said...

My daughter has recently joined the Asthma clan too.
We are on twice daily nebulizer treatments as a preventative treatment.
I feel your pain!