Monday, October 30, 2006

Absentee Note

Dear Internet,

Please excuse Wicked Stepmom's recent absence over the past several weeks. You see, she's been suffering from a bit of writer's block.

(Not for lack of things to write about. Her Blogger Dashboard currently has about 1/2 dozen drafts because WHOOBOY! there's plenty going on-and not just in the Stepmom arena-which will hopefully prove useful to those readers who continue to lurk linger waiting for some useful insight into the world of Stepmotherhood.)

(Which leads her to also wonder if she has done the right thing by defining herself as a Wicked Stepmom because she is so much more than that, but that's another post altogether. Oh JOY! Another draft to clog up her Blogger Dashboard!)

In case you were wondering, her lack of focus is due in part of being off her happy pills. This was purely unintentional and more a combination of (1) forgetting to call in the prescription in a timely manner and (2) lacking the moulah needed to pay for these out-of-pocket because, yes, she is still without adequate health coverage.

Thankfully some relief is in sight and she hopes to get back on some regular posting schedule post haste and promises that she is working hard at completing her make-up work.


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