Friday, October 27, 2006

Happy No. 5

Love hides in the strangest places.

[Like on our livingroom floor this night, the night of our Fifth Wedding Anniversary.]
Love hides in familiar faces.
[I am brought back to the night He proposed. We ate Burger King. He popped the question in our darkened bedroom lit only by the soft glow of Christmas lights in the windows.]
Love hides inside the rainbow.

[Or in this case, the glass of champagne! We're so cliche!]
Love hides in molecular structures.
[Or gets covered by them so I can't see the details DAMMIT so now I must chug the damn champagne already so we can get a closer look at the sparkly new bauble!]

Love is the answer...

1 comment:

InterstellarLass said...

Lovely! Happy Anniversary! The ring is so very pretty!