Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Why You Should Never Turn Your Back On Your Kids

The Mouse is 4 1/2 months old.
She is playing on the floor in the living room surrounded by a variety of her favorite toys.
She needs one more, I decide.
I go into her room and pick out a toy that has a teething end to it. The copious amounts of drool and finger chewing tell me something is lurking just beneath her gums waiting to make its debut.
{God how I hope it's not while nursing. }
I return to the livingroom and things are not as I left them.
The Mouse is now on her tummy.
I realize that she has rolled over for the first time unassisted.
And like her
birth I missed it.
I do what any self-respecting Mother determined not to miss another single second of their child's life would do.
I push her back over onto her back and command her to DO.IT.AGAIN.
It's now two days later and I am still waiting for that repeat performance.
No matter the age. No matter the milestone.
Good. Or Bad.

You cannot turn your back on your kids for even a second.


Safa said... are so right!....and trying to get them to recreate the act for you is like trying to get the singing frog to perform once the curtain goes up and an audience is watching (old looney toons cartoon)

InterstellarLass said...

Yeah, mine learned to tie their shoes at daycare. And there were several other "milestones" that I missed. Sniff...