Friday, April 28, 2006

Imitation is The Sincerest Form of Flattery And a Sure Sign of Mental Instability

The Husband had no way to prepare for this.
If he didn't have years of learning to stifle his reactions he probably would have given a response comparable to that of a Three Stooges skit.
What he saw when the door opened to Her apartment was shocking to say the least. Shocking in a sort of
Single White Female-meets-Face Off kind of way.
Cinderella's BioMom has had her Hair cut and colored to look exactly like mine.
Even I had a hard time believing it as he sat there describing what he saw.
You can't be serious.
Hon, it's like someone took your head and put it on Her body. Like it was done from a picture.
My initial reaction was that I should be flattered. I have never thought of myself as a trendsetter. I'm a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal. I don't pay attention to labels, the latest fashion or make-up trends. Hell, I'm lucky is I get to shower every day.
The thought that someone might actually like my look, my Hip-Momma-Wanna-Be look, was flattering.
Then I remember who we were talking about.
[The custody case didn't mandate a forensic psychiatric evaluation for nothing.]
And then I remembered that this is not the first time she allegedly has done this.
During the custody case in January She had dyed her Hair from brown to auburn. The exact same shade, as it was noted by both my Mother and Husband's Lawyer, as my hair color.

The dialogue went something like this:
Do you think she is trying to be like you?
Hell no. That would be crazy.
It was that next week that I selected
this as my new hair color. Red had suddenly lost its appeal.
Now, barely three months into her new color I am told she has changed it again.
Changed not only Her color, but also Her entire Hairstyle to resemble mine.
This is no small feat.
Her Hair is long with thick spiral curls.
My Hair is thin and straight.
Her Hair is all one length.
I have bangs and long layers.
If it weren't for Husband's reaction and desperate need to come home and tell me this like well, A WOMAN, I wouldn't never have given it much thought. Hubby is not the gossiping kind.
He especially doesn't like to talk about Her and avoids any discussions revolving around her like the plague.
And now, here he was, initiating a conversation about Her. Nearly bursting at the seams to include all of the gorey details.
This was on a Saturday.
I quickly realized that I had to wait an entire week before I could see this makeover for myself.

It was Cinderella's Spring Break from school and she was home with us for the week.
I could hardly wait until that Friday so I could witness the transformation for myself and then run out to CVS to find a new haircolor toot sweet but not before snapping a photo through the bedroom window as evidence for posterity.
When the day finally came, and I laid eyes on her for the first time I was shocked and a bit confused. Her hair?
It was curly.
It was auburn.
As she approached the front door to ring the bell I turned to Hubby and asked "Are you on glue?" and then let Her in.
He swears she changed it back. Recolored it and apparently used copious amounts of Rogaine to grow out her bangs in record time.
I honestly don't know what to think.


InterstellarLass said...

And how often do men pay attention to haircuts anyway? NEVER!

rose said...

I can't believe I have TWO comments to make about this one post... (fancy that, and me, a new reader and all!)
1) Do you ever watch Reba? Dude, that TOTALLY happened in Reba! Barbara Jean got Reba's hair cut and color!
2) What if she has a WIG of your haircut and she just dresses up as you? (Or does that put wayyyyy too much of a spin on the whole impresonation/crazy thing?)

Sorry... oh and HI!

Safa said...

If what your hubby says is weird is that? Flattery, maybe. However, if she indeed changed it back before you could see what your husband saw...then creep and demented!

Kat said...

That's creepy...and I bet it is 100% true. I mean, your husband has eyes that work right? And, he was obviously shaken up over the whole thing! I wonder what's up with the bio-mom. Has Cinderella ever mentioned a wig, or the fact that her bio-mom changes her haircolor to reflect yours?