Monday, April 10, 2006


The Boy sneezes.
I congratulate him because He does so in the crook of his elbow instead of blowing his Boy Cooties all over his hand.
[Hey, whatever we can do to prevent the spread of infection.]
Then I see IT.
A creamy white-ish/yellow-ish spot on his lower lip.
What's that on your lip?
He feels around his lip with his hand and tries to pick it off.
I don't know.
Then decides this is a job better suited for his tongue.
In a single swipe the mysterious blob disappears.
What was it? I am almost afraid to ask because ... really, what else could it be?
The Boy is all too happy to confirm my suspicions.
He exclaims this with the excitement that only a 3 year old boy can muster up for something so gross.
I wonder with my own morbid curiosity whether it was blown out from his nose or dislodged from the back of his throat.
Either way, it doesn't matter because it is now gone.
[Yep, I saw him SWALLOW but not before savoring it for a moment or two.]
And then he kicks the grossness factor up a notch, flashes his maniacal smile and announces...
I like slippery boogies, Mommy.

Needless to say I did not have breakfast that morning.


Kat said...

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! That's rich...i hope the Boy's ingesting of bodily fluids *stops* at boogers.

Safa said...

LOL...I posted some months back about how I'd just come to terms with the fact that my then 3 year-old was a booger boy! He loves eating his boogers and it makes me sick. I gave up! If he still does it at 6...we'll seek counseling!

Saint Stepmom said...

Ugh, I actually felt a little bile rise up in the back of my throat. Gotta love those boys.