Tuesday, November 30, 2010

She's 5

A daughter is a day brightener and a heart warmer.

Her birthday fell on her Dad's weekend. So our family celebration took place the weekend after, when she and her brother were home with me.
This was our first year of splitting the birthdays based on our custody schedule.
Some parents can pull-off combined celebrations. My Mom and Dad did. I remember every birthday, Dad and Stepmom #1 coming over to Mom's house for cake and presents.
Maybe one day, their Dad and I might be able to do that.
And maybe we won't.
The one thing I've learned in my years of being a StepMom, is that what works for some, doesn't always work for others. And that's ok.
As long as I continue to see that smile that outshines the candles on her cake, I know everything is ok.


cassee01 said...

what a cute pic!

Dayngr | Dayngrous Discourse said...

5 is so awesome! Congrats to the little princess. Hope all is well your way.

stepmom said...

Hi Wicked Stepmom! Thank you for letting us peek into your "fairytale" land. I have been an evil stepmother for 7 1/2 years and would love a magic broomstick to fly me away!

Kara said...

As a stepmom I find it harder and harder each year to do a combined birthday. I have been in my step sons life since he was 3 he is now 7. Thank you for blogging...i needed to read about people who have a similar life to mine as a step parent.