Tuesday, November 2, 2010

An Election Day Disclaimer

 I don't do politics.
I don't discuss it. I don't participate in it. I don't whine about it.
No, I don't vote.
Why? Because that's my right. As much as it's my right as a woman living in America TO vote; why should it not also be my right NOT to vote?
I do not buy into the guilt/shame bullshit of obligatorily checking off a box to pick someone - ANYONE - because someone tells me it's my duty.
My duty is to live my life with integrity. My own. Not yours. Or yours.
So why should I take part in placing someone - ANYONE - that I don't believe in, into office?
I did the obligatory voting thing before. I voted for the person whom I felt was the lesser of two evils. Not because I believed in him.
That went against my own integrity and I won't do that again.
I don't buy into political rah-rah speeches or empty campaign promises because of MY beliefs that they aren't the ones running the show anyway. They are merely the puppets and scapegoats. And that's my RIGHT as a female living in America to choose to believe that.
So no, I did not vote today nor do I see myself voting any time soon.
And I will not debate my choice. Nor will I whine about who DOES get elected into office.
I never have.
America is where I live. America is the land of the free. Freedom to vote, freedom to decide for whom to vote, and freedom to decide not to...


Just Me :) said...

I think you read my mind! So if nothing else know you are not alone :)

Anonymous said...

I like your site....but I am not sure how to post to it...not sure if this will work.

Anonymous said...

LOL...ok...that worked. Anyway....not sure where to post this as it has nothing to do with the election. At any rate...I am a step-mom....even though I am divorced from their father. In short (or long)...I've been a 2nd wife(first), a stepmother, a mother, a first wife, an ex-wife twice....my 3 stepsons...oldest 32 tomorrow...youngest 28 still call me their stepmom...to the chagrin, I am sure, of their mother...though she and I talked quite a bit at one time...might get into that later...the most important thing to me is that my daughter stay connected to her brothers (I refuse to call them "half-brothers")....I just became a step-grandmother a few months ago....there has never been a dull moment in my life...LOL. Anyway...not sure how to receive updates to this site....my e-mail is asmurf99@yahoo.com. You hang in there!!

Kate Rowan said...

I didnt vote either.

Charlene said...

I spoil my ballot if I don't like the choices I have. I am not get a preachy but I believe that woman fought no so we had the choice but so we had a say. If you don't like the candidates show them that you don't like them by spoiling your ballot or else they just might think that you don't care and then they may never change.

Charlene said...

Sorry I guess I should have proof read my above statement before posting it. Sorry ladies that you have to read my poor grammar and typing.

Not Her Mom said...

Its amazing how when others react when they find out we don't plan on voting, or didn't vote. They try to make you feel shame & guilt.

Marion McDonald said...

I live in Scotland and have never voted because I don't feel strongly enough about any of the candidates. I agree that women fought for the right to CHOOSE to vote, or equally not to. I hate that we get grief for that. Well done :)

Anonymous said...

Actually, yes. Just as we all have a moral obligation to pay taxes that provide for services we use (roads, firefighters), we have a moral obligation to participate in the democracy in which we live and which we benefit from. In this system, our participation is through voting. The country needs your thoughtful, well considered input, and you do not actually have to moral right to withhold that input. Now, I agree, no one has to vote for the choices given -- so if you disagree with the choices, you have an obligation to write in who you think would best do the job. If more than 50% of the votes consistently go to write-in candidates, then that will send a clear message that the voters have carefully considered the current candidates and reject all of them. - M.A.

Charlene said...

well said