Friday, January 23, 2009

Where is MY Oscar Nomination?

So, is that Cinderella's mother?
And... are you... OK with that?

I stared at the teacher blankly for a minute, standing in the middle of drama rehearsals as I watched Cinderella walk out with Maleficent (and Diablo) for her evening visitation.
The only audible sounds were those of my eyelids as I blinked HEAVILY in disbelief over the question and EXCITEDLY over the miriad of responses that were flooding my mind.
Was this woman SERIOUSLY asking me if I was OK with the fact that Maleficent was Cinderella's mother???
Of course not, but OHMYGOD if only I could answer that question honestly FOR ONCE.

Then I looked around for Allen Funt 'cuz clearly this was some kind of JOKE or TEST and there MUST be someone waiting in the wings ready to present me with a BIG HONKING GOLD MEDAL for exercizing self-restraint and not launching into a diatribe over my TRUE feelings about this woman... this so-called "mother" of my stepdaughter.

There were no medals, no golden statues, no rounds of applause.
Just my own self-satisfaction for being an adult and following the advice of my own personal hero, Thumper:

If you can't say something nice... don't say nothin' at all.


Anonymous said...

HA! but isn't it nice to know that other ppl see how great you are compared to her! ...are you okay with that...ha! if only what we thought could magically change who gave birth to a child.

Super Step-Mom said...

I know that feeling! At parent/teacher conferences once, ALL of us showed up! Usually BiMom and her victim (husband) didn't attend. Then BAM there they were. Well the teachers were sitting at a table bewildered why there were four people for one child. BioMom spoke up. Quote "I'm Mom, she points to BioDad (my sweetie) this is Dad, points to me, Step-Mom then points to victim and this is Step-Dad." We BOTH about fell out of our chairs that she actually recognized me as Step-Mom! The teachers all knew me and Dad but went with it. Alot of kids are in this situation. But when others recognize the "real" parents it feels really good. Today is my step-son's 18th birthday. NO More Bio-Mom threats! I made it all these years without becoming the "evil" one. Took ALOT of patience and secret pillow punching but it's all good. Keep up the good parenting. Your blog is awesome!

had enough said...

Well Super SM... atleast you did not get what I always did...." I am the Mother... She is JUST the step mom. BUT the kids lived with me... the teacher know of just me.... the nerve...

One teacher who I could swear was the step mom by the look on her face said.... Well I only have only spoken to Had Enough, I am sorry I thought she is the mother.

Anonymous said...

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Tracy Lee said...

Good for you! Your reward is in knowing that you did the right thing. There is no greater reward.