Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Casting Call: Reality Show on Stepparenting

Please read the following from Pie Town Productions (the makers of "A Baby Story" on TLC):

Established non-fiction production company is casting all over the country for an OUTGOING, FUN family to be featured in their own series. Think "Jon & Kate Plus Eight..." We are looking for women about to transition from fabulous and single to STEPPARENT. Are you about to become an instant family? Are you a bit overwhelmed about the idea? We'd like to hear your story! This is a positive, upbeat show that parents of all types (step or otherwise) can relate to! To find out more information about the company and what we're looking for, please contact Ally at - please put "Instant Family!" in the subject line.

To see and learn more about Pie Town Productions, visit their website.


movin' down the road said...

are you gonna sign up?!?!?!?

Wicked Stepmom said...

LOL... we're too camera shy. ;)

macocha said...

Uh...positive...are they only going to show the ones where they get along? lolol hmmmmm....if they only knew :)

Jade Graham said...

But co-parents do need to try as hard as they can to respect each other--so children and step children will have an easier time respecting all of them. Parenting