Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Web Masters, Back to School and Wal*Mart

Dear Middle School Web "Master":

It is customary, among internet developers to always check a hyperlink AFTER it has been posted to a LIVE web site. The process of checking a link helps one to verify if the link is actually WORKING.

It's quite simple really. It involves merely CLICKING on the live link and CONFIRMING that it actually takes you to the intended destination. Someone on your staff, and I'm not saying it's you
because ... really ... how could it be what with you being a web MASTER and all -- however someone in your office did NOT check the "School Supplies" link after updating your web site. So instead of taking one to a list of school supplies (you know, pencils, binders, notebooks and the like) the aforementioned link takes one to a listing of all the notices that have been MAILED HOME in the past week.

We did receive all of these notices, so thanks for checking that one over with me.
Isn't it ironic (dontcha think?) that the ONE thing you folks have NOT mailed home is the ONE thing that is NOT on your web site? Yeah, I thought so too.

Oh! The nice lady at the Middle School's Guidance Office ('Cuz where else would one go if they needed help?) showed me that the supply list was, in fact, on the interweb thingy of which you are Master but it was on the school district's web site. So funny! It was there the WHOLE time and I was looking in the WRONG place. Instead of on the SCHOOL'S web site (which, BTW, is where I found the list for my Kindergartener), I should have been looking on the DISTRICT'S web site. Ain't that a kick in the head?!?!?

But really, I wanted to thank you. Thank you for getting me out of the house and visiting your school (it really is lovely). And thank you for making me drag a 5 year old and a toddler to Wal*Mart and it's spacious aisles and neat, well-organized shelves the week before school starts.

It was a BLAST. Really.



boogiemum said...

You are brave soul. I am not so sure I would of dared Walmart. I think I would of rather had a root canal than attempt that :)

Liz said...

It's that reason alone that I'm grateful we have the opportunity to pre-order our supplies at the end of the school year and pick them up at back-to-school night.

You are very brave indeed!

Dayngr said...

::::Shaking fist @ school's webmaster::::

clevergirl said...

In defense of the school "web-master", he or she is probably really just a teacher who gets a pitifully small stipend to update the school site when instructed to do so by the principal. He or she probably really has no idea how a website works, knows very little about code, and even less about what is supposed to be on there.

And to empathize with you, my stepdaughter's school posts the events calendar for the month at the END of the month.

Way to keep us informed. Definitely happy to know what we have missed!