Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Stepmom Jewelry

I am a StepMom. I am a BioMom.
I am also a Woman cognicscent of the differences between the two and of the sensitive issue of "claiming" someone else's child as your own.
As a Mom, I have a one of these.
It bears Hansel's & Gretel's names and birthstones.
It does not include Cinderella because I did not feel right adding her to a Mommy bracelet.
(Mostly because I was worried about how Maleficent would feel. )
So I've been on a search for a piece of jewelry that was unique and that would allow me to proudly display my role as a Stepmom. Something that reflected my relationship with Cinderella.
I found it here.
Unique. Handstamped. Personalized. Perfect!
I saw this necklace and fell in love.
I contacted the site's owner and designer (Beth Philbin) and asked if I could have "Stepmom" stamped on the charm.
I could! In fact Beth said she could stamp it on any charm that's large enough.
I liked this necklace because I could incorporate my stepdaughter's name and her birthstone. As I did in the bracelet for Hansel & Gretel.
I love it.
It's sparkly. It's simple. It's unique.

Just like Her.
If you're a Stepmom and in the market for a unique piece of jewelry to celebrate your Stepmommyhood, I urge you to visit Beth's site and pick one up for yourself.

(Beth was an absolute delight. Very friendly and quick to respond to my questions. It was a pleasure doing business with her and I am looking for more reasons to buy her pieces because they are just amazing.)


Izzy Rose said...

Cool. I like the idea of having something around your neck that reminds you of your important role as biomom and stepmom. It sends a good message to other stepmoms who may think they need to hide in the shadows.

Posted your NY picks, by the way. Thanks again and come check em out.

Stepmother's Milk.

Ashpreggo said...

Ooohhh I LOVE that! And your mommy bracelet for Hansel and Gretel! Forwarding link to my H now *coughHINTcough*.

boogiemum said...

I like that. Very cool. I think there needs to be more of this stuff out there.

emma said...

I 've just come across your blog and felt compelled to write. I'm engaged to a man who has a 11 year old daughter... I relate a great deal to your frustrations with the Ex-wife. However, Cinderella sounds like a complete sweetheart! My fiance's daughter is the "mean girl" I always ran away from in grade school, middle school, and high school.. It's funny how her presence is not only bringing up feelings of jealousy and resentment at her relationship with her dad, but also bringing up issues for me as an adult, taking me back to my insecure childhood!! I never expected something like this happening and it scares me that I may "run away" again like I did when was young... and lose a really amazing man (and a possibly soon-to-be fun bonusdaughter, once we get to know and trust each other better... ) Any advice for someone "new to the game?"

Wicked Stepmom said...

Emma -

My best advice is to try to keep an open communication with your fiance about what you are feeling. Make sure he realizes that in expressing your feelings, you are dong so to ensure your survival as a blended family. What you are feeling is normal, I feel, and there's no shame in it. It's an adjustment for everyone. You are all battling conflicting emotions, I am sure, and trying to navigate through unfamiliar waters. Go easy on yourselves. :)

If at all possible, try couple's counseling preferably with someone who specializes in the step family dynamic. You could also try picking up some books, and visiting online support networks like the Second Wives Cafe (there's a link on my site, under "Heroes & Heroines")

And remember, you are the adult in your home. You are not in highschool any more. Have faith in yourself. :)

spirals are... said...

Thanks for the advice and support. I am going to look into the Second Wives Cafe.. Thanks!

Farah said...

I could lurke no more when I saw this necklace - it is absolutely beautiful and PERFECT!

I have 4 children and 1 stepdaughter ...all full time. Your blog is inspiring to me because you have more strength and self-control than I do so I often come here to renew.

Thanks for that.

Stepmom_2_3 said...

I used your wonderful idea in our marriage ceremony back in October. I had customized pendants with our last name stamped on one side and our position in the family stamped on the other (ie. Dad, Son, Daughter, Stepmom). Husband and I wrote vows to the kids and presented them with the pendant necklace. The kids totally loved the necklaces!

Olivia Princess said...

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