Friday, July 21, 2006

Self-Portrait Challenge: as the Shape of a Mother

Mothers come in all shapes and sizes.
Thanks to
this blog I have learned to appreciate my own post-baby shape more and decided I was brave enough to participate in the Self-Portrait Challenge this month.
My shape used to resemble that of a pre-pubescent boy. I had no curves to speak of.

I once fit into a size 0 (yes, that would be a ZERO).
I had The Boy in 2002. I was 32.
I gained 40 lbs. He weighed 9lbs. 9oz.
I had The Mouse in 2005. I was 35.
Again I gained 40 lbs. She weighed 8lbs. 15 oz.
Both of my babies were brought into this world via c-sections.

Taken from the body that housed and protected them (and GREW THEM BIG) for 9 months.
My shape now is much softer. I have womanly curves where I once was nothing more than skin and bones. And boobs, I have BOOBS! (Well, kinda.)
I now wear a size 8.
This was my belly at 7 months pregnant with The Mouse.

This is my belly today. 8 months post-partum.

I like how my saggy skin, when smooshed together, looks like a baby's butt. :)
I now have the Shape of a Mother... and I wouldn't trade that for anything.


Beth said...

"I like how my saggy skin, when smooshed together, looks like a baby's butt. :)"

This made me laugh :)

:o) said...

You are so funny! The baby butt comment made me laugh, too.

You have beautiful hands.

InterstellarLass said...

I saw this site somewhere else. I don't think I have a picture of me pregant without clothes. I think it's great. And it proves that people that come out of it with stil-taut bellies are really aliens. :P

Size 0? I was never smaller than a 6/8. I'd be happy to be a 12 again. *sigh*