Tuesday, July 18, 2006

4 is a Magic Number

I am 4. I can chew gum now.
(Well, for 30 seconds anyway before I swallow it by accident!)
I am 4. I can stand up in the pool by myself.

(Well, until I slip and almost drown in front of you!)
I am 4. I want to use the big potty.

(And now pee all over the floor!)
I am 4. I am a big boy now.
I am 4. Give me a hug!
The last 4 days with The Boy have been magical.
Maybe it was the green frosting on his cake.


Kat said...

AWESOME cake!!!!!

Dolfinnlover said...

GREAT CAKE.. Happy birthday to your little one!!! Thanks for sharing

stepblog said...

Good for you! May they continue. Beautiful cake : )

Eli's Mom said...

Great cake - he is a lucky kid!