Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Coffee Cake

The Great July Bake-Off continues with today's creation for Hubby's Birthday.

Devil's Food cake made with Dunkin' Donuts French Vanilla (the only coffee served in our castle) and baked into the shape of a coffee cup!

(Get it?!?!? It's a COFFEE Cake.)

Note also how the candles look like steam rising from the ginormous cuppa joe.
And... AND!... see how I tinted the top frosting to resemble an "extra light with cream" coffee... just the way Hubby likes it.

Aren't I so clever?

Two birthday cakes down. Two more to go.
Cinderella's is tomorrow.


Safa said...

I LOVE that cake. What a fun and creative idea!

InterstellarLass said...

How fun! That's so creative! I'm never that clever.

stepblog said...

You are DEFINITELY an over achiever!

rose said...

You should seriously do this professionally! Those cakes are amazing!

Linda said...

"Amazing" is an understatement. I am in complete awe. I wouldn't be able to cut into it - I would just have to site there and admire it:-)

Anna V said...

Awesome job! I am amazed at you, having the time, energy, and skill to make this cake plus Cinderella's cupcakes all in one week! You put the rest of us to shame.