Saturday, February 11, 2006

Winter Games?

Today I want you guys to play outside.
YEAH! Thank You!
I stare at their faces with disbelief. I am shocked over their combination of shock and extreme jubilation.
Suddenly I realize that not only have I been relying too much on the Electronic Babysitter since the birth of The Mouse, but that I have been doing so unnecessarily.
The Boy and Cinderella albeit all-too-willing to zone out in front of the Boob Tube have not only forgotten about the joys of fresh air and sunshine but are also under the impression that they are not allowed to play outside.
Is it because of the colder winter temps and the lack of snow to lure them into the outdoors.
More likely I fear it my fault. That somehow in my post-partum dementia recovery I have given them the impression that they are not allowed to do anything fun because if Momma ain't sedated happy ain't Nobody happy.
I remind them that they can always play outside when the weather is nice.
Except when it's snowing.
Cinderella likes to chime in whenever we dispense parental orders guidelines.
Again the Shock comes.
Who are you and what have you done with our children.
What have we done to deter you from expecting what is your to be able to do the Very thing that makes winter exciting and bearable.
What's the freaking point of having winter anyway if there is no Snow and nobody to play with it in.
No, Cinderella. You are allowed to play outside in the snow too.

Tomorrow I decide that these kids are going to get so much outside time that they are going to OD on it and beg me to stay indoors until Spring.
Today, they are going to get a healthy dose of the Olympics and see what winter fun is all about.

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