Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Boob Tube

Breastfeeding an infant has its privileges.
I wish I could say that having tremendous moderately sized milk jugs breasts was one of them but it pisses me off pains me to admit that my Girls have limited growth potential.
Thankfully I am able to divert my attention from my lack of decolletage by the veritable smorgasbord of informational delights offered by late night TV.
Thanks to late night television I know all about
Today's Special Value and Flex Play and have, much to my husband's chagrin although he doesn't know it yet because I have not acted on it, re-fueled my interest in getting me some of that hope in a jar.
Thanks to night television, I have been able to confirm that there are people who hate exercise as much as me, as clearly evidenced by
this and this.
I find myself wondering how well
these really work.
Thanks to late night television I have been able to overdose on Olympic re-runs on NBC and I have learned that
animal cruelty can go farther than I have ever imagined.
Thanks to late night television I have learned that I too can
sleep like never-before were it not for the now 3 month old infant who has recently discovered that it is ME who is attached to her food supply and spends every moment of her late night snacktime flirting at me with her toothless smiles instead of EATING.

Oh, the cruel irony.


Mary P. said...

Hope in a Jar! Never heard of it, and it's so bizarre - I love it. Though at that price, I'd better be able to RELY on it, never mind hoping...

The breast thing. When pregnant I heard that if you're carrying a girl, they stay the same; if you're carrying a boy, they get bigger.

First baby: no change. I had a girl.
Second baby: bigger! I had a boy.
Third baby: Holy moley - all evidence showed that I was carrying twin boys. I had a girl.

Another theory blown right out of the water. :-)

Wicked Stepmom said...

My first was a boy and I just had baby #2 (girl) and my cup size increased the same amount for both.


I guess something is better than nothing! :)