Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Custody Costs REDUX

The meter on the oil tank is a hair away from registering EMPTY.
The thermostat in the playroom/office downstairs has been set to 60 for the past week. I have the cold hands to prove it. Sadly even typing doesn't generate enough blood flow.
Upstairs the thermostat is on 65.
I am dressing the kids in layers and have the electric space heater at the ready in case the heat punks out before we can schedule a delivery of oil at the bargain price of $2.09/gallon.
My hot beverage consumption has increased ten fold. Thank goodness I
need it.
The Boy and The Mouse both have colds and I am hoping that the evil Strep which seems to be
making its way across many blogger homes doesn't find its way into ours because our COBRA was cancelled and we are currently without health insurance.
It's the last day of the month and rent is due.
Our family is still struggling to overcome the costs of the
custody case.
Following in the footsteps of others who seem to have had great
success, I have opened an online store, started placing ads and have begun a redesign that will hopefully make it appear as though I actually know something and keep folks coming back for my pearls of wisdom.
It's worth a shot.

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