Saturday, August 6, 2011

This Old (Haunted) House?

Mommy my back hurts.
It's 1am and 5 y/o Gretel has come downstairs into my bedroom. She can't sleep because her back hurts.
I snuggle her and chalk it up to a gas pain (she is prone to that sort of thing). In the dark, I try to comfort her by laying my hand on the tender spot to give her a little energy treatment.
Her body tenses and she cringes in pain. As she trembles at my touch, I notice her back feels different beneath my hand. Not the smooth baby-soft skin I'm used to. Something is different. A scrape maybe? Something is raised -  definitely.
I turn on the light to investigate the cause of my baby girl's discomfort and see three abrasions along the rib line. Fresh contusions begin to swell around the newly-made tender red marks.
She cries and groans, her back muscles spasming from the recent trauma which cause her to tense them more, increasing her pain.
(Note to self, you have got to STOP panicking when your kids wind up injured because if YOU panic THEY panic! Idiot.)
She cries louder - I DON'T KNOW!!!!
She has no idea what happened or that there were any boo-boos at all.
Until I pointed them out with such grace and panache, that is!  (WTG, Mom!)
She had no recollection of anything nor could offer any insight other than her back is hurting.
WTF? How is that even possible?
Well, we know that's possible. Remember when her brother who fell out of his bed one night landing on a pile of toys and never woke up?
But not this kid. She's always been a light sleeper. Restless, yes. But, THIS?
About a year ago, she started having night terrors no doubt in response to her father's and my separation. But those have mostly seemed to stop. Thankfully!
She does talk in her sleep - a LOT.
And I have recently walked into her room to find her STANDING next to her bed having a conversation in her sleep.
(And as I mentioned in the last post, sitting up pointing at seemingly nothing at the foot of her bed, crying.)
I just can't explain what she did to cause these marks...

This was 2 days after and just before I started giving her a homeopathic treatment for bruises.
It's all conjecture and speculation at this point.
I'm guessing she fell out of her new bed and scraped her back on the wooden siderails on the way down.
But some think it has to do with the orbs.
Carol Anne?


Maggie said...

Me again...did your friend happen to tell you why the "one" shoe in the safe you found?

I am one of those pyschic's that sees things in story form. I don't just having a knowing but usually I can see the actual event. It always helps to actually be there but I can pick up on quite a lot from just seeing the place in a picture or seeing the person in a pic or sometimes just hearing about them. Of course, I'm human and not always right but my gift/curse is pretty intense and I'll tell you more than not I hate it.

From first seeing the pic the story I saw was one of two things, the children were little stinkers and hid their mother's shoe or a guest's shoe or she put the shoe there because she loved their home and much like we bury a time capsule she put an "I was here" item. Thus me asking if your friend picked up on why the one shoe. I have dealt with jealous energies (possessive too) but not any spiteful that have carried over to an injury like Gretel's. I'm seeing her falling out of her bed because of being restless because of the energy in the room and a lot of giggling going on when she did (that bully kind of humor). candles are great for negative energy. I had a home that I had to burn a lot of those. It's only negative energy because from what I see the kids were a tad spoiled and got away with a lot in a manipulative sort of way. That's just what I'm seeing from here. I'm sensing the parents were older parents (well in reference to the timeframe of when they lived). Gretel is a very sweet spirit...reminds me a lot of my daughter (SD) which makes it easy to be bullied. I think that's why I said choosing to sleep in her room made her feel a little more in charge of her surroundings.

Like I said, I could be wrong. In my experience, everyone can live's just about knowing who is in charge now and everyone willing to share the space. It can be fun but it can also be exhausting and uncomfortable at times...especialy when things go missing...that just pisses me off (lol!)...and from what I am seeing...they do a lot of that. The kids def got away with a lot and are very possessive.

They can always be dismissed... :)


Wicked Stepmom said...

I love your insights, Maggie.

My psychic friend did not explain why there was one shoe - I also didn't think to ask. I was just happy that she was willing to donate any amount of time on this, that I took anything she came up with as a gift.

I feel I shoujld point out that while the floorboard was labeled "SAFE" there was no safe at all. (Whomever it belonged to must have taken it, or it was written there as a joke.) The items I found were loose between the floors. The shoe was by the opening whereas the bottles and other items were so far out of reach they had to be retrieved with a broom handle.

The whiskey bottle, I was told, was stolen by the little boy from the town drunk and quickly hidden to avoid his Dad finding it. So my psychic friend did pick up on their mischievious side!

Your theroy of how Gretel injured her back makes sense to me. She is a very restless sleeper - and will often be flipped around in her bed or sideways. Her footboard is quite high, so I wouldn't be surprised if she fell over the bottom edge of her bed and scraped herself that way.

I sage the upstairs rooms frequently, use clearing sprays, bring in Reiki energy - as well as burn incense and WHITE candles. If you think I should get some black ones, I'm all for it!

Hmm... I wonder if they are responsioble for my missing checkbook!


Maggie said...

Thank's always nice to get it out of my head... a relief actually. :) And really nice to share with someone I'm not freaking out! Lol! I don't always feel the freedom you have allowed me to feel by letting me comment.

White candles are great for promoting truth and purity but black candles are great for absorbing negative energy....they work quite well. You can find them at almost any holistic store.

The house is definitely meant to be assured it's exactly where you are supposed to be right now. And yes your checkbook is probably just one of many things you will spend time looking for (hairbrushes, earrings, keys, etc.).

I'll be reading just to keep track of their progression...don't really feel its anything other than a third dimensional energy traferance situation with some confusion, possessiveness, and jealousy going on. You may find Hansel becoming a little more mischievous and no harm done as long as he keeps it playful and Gretel a little more "in charge" of her space as long as it's not followed up with the other two's bully characteristic.

And of course, I'll start sharing my stepmother experience. Anxious to start getting feedback on what we have been dealing with recently.

In the meantime this is/has been a great redirection of focus to get me back to my other reality of who I am. Refreshing!!!!

So thank you for my world EVERYTHING happens for a reason!!! ;)


Wicked Stepmom said...

Thanks, Mags. I work at a holistic wellness center, actually but we don't sell candles. LOL

I'm having black candles picked up for me at a reputable metaphysical shop today.

I know it's hard being a 6th sensory person living in a 5th sensory world. It's funny, you said you hate your gift - whereas I'm trying to develop my intuitiveness more! I appreciate your willingness to share it with me.

Gretel had a very restless sleep last night. Came down to my room twice in tears - so I eventually let her sleep with me. She was grumpy this morning, and was sad/teary-eyed for quite a bit, but was not willing to talk to me about it.

Last night when I was doing work in the guest room, I heard her whimpering in her sleep - so I dismissed the "children" asking them to leave her be and let her sleep. I felt tingles across my legs and Gretel finally quieted down. She was quiet for the rest of the time I was upstairs. I had the feeling that I should have slept upstairs and ignored it. I wonder if she would have lasted the night in her room, had I stayed there to keep the little mischiefs at bay. :)

Maggie said...

It's my would be useless and exhausting for no reason if I couldn't share it.

It is really so hard at times. The hardest thing about having this "gift/curse" is the knowing and walking into a room that is so full...dreaming ALL of the time (I had my first dream travel experience when I was 2 years old) and the most frustrating is knowing and no one listening...or freaking people out! lol!

It's so hard to tell with kids because they are so very sensative (I mean if she would have done well through the rest of the night) and from what I'm seeing your new friends are very active. You will see a big difference once you start burning the black candles. Plus you have the authority in the house especially since you are the "mom". :) Their energy is only as strong as yours is weak (hopefully that makes sense). :) Gretel will start getting rest soon. The more they feel from you that they must behave the more they will move about in other areas. Don't expect their pranks to subside though (things disappearing) nailed it...they are still kids. But they will respect your spunk!!

I will tell was refreshing moving into a house that was clean but I am truly happy for you where you are.


Wicked Stepmom said...

I started burning the black candles last night, as well as performed several other cleansing/clearing rituals while Gretel and Hansel slept in the gues room/office in the comfofrt of the a/c. The 2nd floor felt so much "lighter" when I was finished.

I've been burning the candles all day, and both kids are now tucked into their OWN rooms (it's cooler out tonight). So we'll see if Gretel lasts.

Is there no way for you to "turn it off" so to speak and gain more control over your knowings, dreams, etc? I understand why you would look at it like a curse if you constantly had these movies playing about in your head ALL.The.TIME.

Perhaps I should be careful what I wish for, in terms of my desire to develop my intuition more! ;)


Maggie said...

Funny you say that...I was thinking yesterday that you should be careful just how open you make yourself...but I also don't want to deter you from enhancing it...I know that everyone's journey and abilities are different.

The only time it has ever turned off for me is when I was pregnant. Isn't that funny.

And yes...they are going through my head all the time...the only other way I have ever been able to shut it off is when I shut myself off and that is not feasible for me because I begin to wither...I am a 3rd generation of this gift/curse so it is definitely a significant part of who I much as my arms and legs are.

I'm anxious to hear how Gretel's night went...I see it beginning to become "matter-of-fact" for her as well as your new friends. :)

When this portion of your journey ends and it is time for you to move on to another home...they will miss you terribly...but that is down the line so to speak. :)