Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Missing Child?

It's 11pm. I head upstairs to check on The Boy before turning in for the night.
I'm feeling slightly more protective of Him as of late. He shares a room with Cinderella who has a ferret so Hubby and I are more watchful these days. We don't want a repeat of the other night.
As I approach the top of his Bedroom Stairs I am met with an image I was not prepared to see...

An empty bed!

OH MY HELL… where is he? First a trip to the E.R. and now he’s MISSING???

Where could he be?

I check Cinderella's bed… nope. Not there.

Call 911… CALL 911! WHAT’S THE DAMN NUMBER FOR 911!!!


What’s that? Over there… on the other side of His bed.

Is that ... an... ARM?????

Why. Yes. It. Is.

I take another step further into his bedroom, and ...

What tha?
I stand dumbfounded for a moment or two.
Sure, he's fallen out of bed before but usually with a THUMP! instantly followed by screaming. But tonight, there was Silence.
I head downstairs to call Hubby who has gone in to work for the night.

(Yes, I left The Boy asleep on the floor while I did this.)

When you put The Boy to bed tonight where was he?
In his sleeping bag.
Yes, but where was his sleeping bag?
On his bed. Why?
Ok. Well he's on the floor now. He and the sleeping bag must have slid right off his bed.

(Yes, Hubby has a twisted sense of humor.)

I hang up and head back upstairs not to return my slumbering child to the coziness of his bed but to Giggle as I take Photos to share with family, friends and the Internet!

(Oh, the sleeping bag? It was in the initial pictures but then I realized that it was covering the piles of toys beneath him so I removed it.)

(And, yes, I did eventually put him back in bed.)



InterstellarLass said...

On Sunday, Elle was taking a nap. I walked into her room. She wasn't on the bed. I walked around the side. She was halfway under her bed, napping. She's strange...she can sleep anywhere and in very strange positions.

Linda said...

He looks so comfortable! How is that children can sleep in such ackward positions?

stepblog said...

So cute.

Kristen said...

Haha, what is it with these kids wanting to sleep in sleeping bags on their beds? Mine went through that phase too. So funny that it slid off his bed, though!!