Wednesday, August 3, 2011

This Old House

In June, I moved out of the home the kids and I shared with PrinceCharming for six years, and moved into a cheaper home two miles down the road.

This house was built in the 1800s and once served as a stage coach inn. I LOVE old homes! Love their energy and the stories they tell. I knew as soon as I saw the massive Tara-esque front stair case and the original wide plank wood floors that I had to live here.

Even more importantly, this house was BIGGER than the house we were leaving and it had enough space to offer both kids their own rooms.

I knew as soon as I saw this room that it would be Gretel's. The purple walls were perfect, but with Hansel's asthma, I asked the landlords if I could pull up the carpets in both of their rooms. They gave me the green light and so up they came with the ex-BFs help.

In the process, we noticed a floorboard in front of Gretel's closet that was painted white and had the word "SAFE" written on it. Sadly, there was no safe when we lifted to investigate but I did find some other hidden treasures like a leather woman's shoe just like the kind Ma Ingalls would wear with buttons up the side and everything. I also found an apothecary bottle and old whiskey bottle. I had a psychic friend come in and tell me these items belonged to the family who used to live here when it was the inn. The items are now proudly displayed in the house and I excitedly share this story with everyone who has come to visit. Our very own family of Caspers!!!

It was fun to watch Gretel's room transform into a real little girl's room, just for her. The ex-BF painted her walls a pale lavender to brighten things up, a Twitter friend created beautiful vinyl flower decals which were placed to look as if they were being blown into her room on a magical fairy breeze. Favorite decorations depicting fairies and stars and all-things magical were hung, draped and displayed. New bedding and a custom painted bed fit for a fairy princess provided the finishing touches...

Gretel doesn't like her room.
She prefers to sleep in the middle room which currently serves as a guest room/office for me.
Can someone tell me why this child doesn't like her room?
Is it that she misses her brother?
If that were the case, then wouldn't she have the same trouble sleeping in the guest room BY HERSELF?
Or... does it have something to do with the floorboard and the artifacts that were removed from it?
For those of you who notice these kinds of things, did you notice the orbs in the before photos?
There have been a few other strange occurences, like a strange smell in her room, me finding her one night sitting up from a sound sleep crying pointing at nothing. NO-THING.
I have some theories. And suspicions. And fears.
I'm just not sure which to act on first.


Maggie said...

Actually I am intuitive...well very intuitive and more and before I even read any further than the pics...I knew...and after reading the first line that it was Gretel's room...I was shocked whe was willing to sleep in there...not because it's bad but because it's...well you know. :) I don't know that I would be able to sleep in there either and I've been this my whole life from my first memories so I'm used to the unknown and knowing the unknown. Have a feeling you may have to make it a play room or your office.

Wicked Stepmom said...


Crap. And double-crap. I was hoping to help her find some way to live peacefully among our housemates. Maybe I should put the artifcats back? Or call someone who specializes in Spirit Transitions? Something?


Anonymous said...

I don't think you're going to get her in there. Try putting the artifacts back. But she may not be willing to keep an open mind once that's done if she's scared. I'd let her switch rooms if at all possible. . . :( trust your gut!

Wicked Stepmom said...

She does sleep in her room sometimes. I wouldn't say she's afraid of her room - she will play in it by herself for hours on end. And she has slept through the night in it before. Just not consistently. The heat wave we've been having doesn't help! The added lure of the guest room is that it has a/c.

But...she's asleep in her bed now.

*fingers crossed*

Smirking Cat said...

Does she think the artifacts mean there are ghosts in that bedroom? Would it help if the psychic was able to give you more information about the people? Maybe if you could find out they were friendly, kind people, it would help her feel comfortable in the room again.

Then again, it may be something else entirely. Has she actually said why she doesn't want that room?

You and Me, Plus Two said...

Dear Wicked,

I'm sure this is not the place for it but I'm new to the blog-world. I wanted to let you know that I began reading your blog a week or so ago.(I ran out of the Chelsea Handler books)At the time, I was dealing with emotions of being a mom to kids that aren't bio and not having any rights to them. Your blog helped me tremendously. Really, it reads like a book and I appreciated and respected the honest you wrote. I also started my own blog, very theraputic.

Anyway, keep your head up and know that you are an inspiration to a chick in Texas!

Best to you and yours!

Maggie said...


Yep I def don't think she's afraid...there really isn't anything to be afraid's just "uncomfortable" and I think you know what I mean...and when we are sharing our space like that those that should have moved on tend to think they belong there and are are a little possessive (that's a characteristic I guess we never give up)...not in a bad way but there is a lot of emotional energy they put off and that is what makes the "hair on the back of our neck stand up"...especially in children, they pick up on EVERYTHING!!! ;) She feels their sadness, anger, confusion, etc. and it might help to put the things back just until they know who they are "sharing" their space with and a play room for the time being helps her adjust and helps her feel a little more in charge of her space when she can decide if she is going to sleep in there. I think the energy is just higher when she doesn't want to sleep in there. I don't think it angered them when you moved the things...just confused them. I don't know how open you are to all of this but if you are super comfortable, encourage her to talk about it and treat it as matter of fact. That's what I have always done with my girls. I also agree with Smirking would be helpful to get to know all about them. I know I don't have to tell you this...your pretty intuitive yourself but just thought I'd give you a little extra support... ;) We have a lot in common and just found your blog recently...I figure that is what this is for...simple support...what a great thing this internet is!!! hahahahaha!! I laugh but I mean it and I need this...Mags

Wicked Stepmom said...

You & Me, Plus Two -

Thank you. :) Welcome to my once-upon-a-time!

It's posts like yours that keep me going when I start to get sick of hearing my own drivel! I have many more posts in me, just waiting to come out. So much going on, so much to process. Stay tuned!


Wicked Stepmom said...

Mags & Smirking Cat,

Another intuitive friend of mine thinks the child energies are *jealous.* My psychic friend spent an hour with me in Gretel's room before we moved in - she held each artifact and told me all about the family that ran the Inn. And that they were especially excited over my son - as they had had numerous pregnancies and very few kids of their own. Their oldest was a girl and they REALLY wanted a boy (which they eventuially had) - and so, they were very happy to have another boy energy around in Hansel. There was also an Aunt who stayed with them and helped with the guest rooms (she belongs to the shoe). She was very pleased that I put a Bentwood rocking chair in the guest room. I feel her with me whenever I am in here.

I've told Hansel and Gretel about them, and tried to keep it as non-scarey as I can. Taking the matter-of-fact approach so it doesn't frighten them and to help them stay open to it all. Knowing kids are more sensisitve, I want them to feel comfortable talking about anything they might experience while in their rooms.

There's been a few more incidients which I"ve started putting down into other blog posts. Hope to have one finished tonight.

Thanks for your insights and interest!


Onemom said...

The moment I read it was built in the 1800 and that it was a stage coach in and then I saw the spirt orb I knew u had a guest. Maybe a sage cleansing could b in order