Monday, July 25, 2011

The Root of All Evil

I'm quickly running out of money.
Despite moving into a new house that's cheaper in rent (and utilities) and increasing my hours at work, I'm facing the reality that I will most likely be able to cover my rent for one more month after which my savings will be totally depleted.
I'm feeling a little panicky.
My car is overdue for inspection. And an oil change. And there's a rattle in my muffler which was *just* replaced by the ex-BF.
My MacBook Pro which is what I use for WORK so I can get PAID has bit the dust and needs to be taken to the Apple Store if I have any hope of remaining a productive asset to my clients. Estimates are it will cost +/-$400 to repair.
I'm writing this post on an archaic PC - for which I am grateful because at least I can do *some* work.
No health insurance. No child support. Bills. And an upcoming vacation booked and committed.
This is one of those times when all that I have learned over the last year gets put to the test.
I've been running through them all for the past week:
  • Have trust and faith
  • Focus on the haves instead of the have-nots
  • Breathe
  • Stay in the moment
  • Energy follows intention
  • Like attracts like
  • Law of Attraction
It'll all work out, right?
In the meantime, I'm accepting applications for a Sugar Daddy... ya know, just in case.

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