Thursday, September 10, 2009

Not Very Appealing

Cinderella's day in court has come.
And gone.
We are not allowed to ask what she told the judge. We can only hope it was the detailed truths she has been telling us (and her lawyer) for the past year.
Maleficent and her henchman/lawyer wanted to settle out of court. She did not want to engter a "guilty" plea and have it on record.
They offered some kind of compromise and adjustment to the visitation schedule to appease Prince Charming (as she always does).
He is done settling. Settling is what's brought him here in the first place.
He wants an admission of guilt and he wants it on record.
He insisted on a trial. The judge refused saying it was a waste of the court's time.
He is appealing this decision.
In the meantime, the Cinderella's visitation schedule with Maleficent remains unaltered.
I have been asked how I feel about it.
I honestly don't know. All I want is for Maleficent to behave herself once and for all and for Cinderella to be spared any further pain.
The upside, for now, is Maleficent has been behaving herself as she always does when she gets a slap on the wrist.
It never lasts though.


The Evil Step-mom said...

That has to be frustrating. Bio-mom would do the same thing. Behave while we are in court, and for a few weeks after and then it all goes down the toilet. And they would NEVER rule against her. She wouldn't show up in court, and they wouldn't do anything. If my hubby didn't show up, they would throw his butt in jail on contempt charges.

Hang in there, hopefully the court will actually come through for you guys this time.

Marsha said...

I remember those days all too well. I'm glad my ss is 15 now as I won't regret when this mess with their mother has passed on by.

Trillian said...

I just want to say that I too have an EXTREMELY similar situation. I am Step-Mom with Dad having custody. Mom is waaay out there and acts a lot like yours. Just nice to know that other people *do* have the same things going on and understand exactly how I feel. Thank you. Thank you.

Marsha said...

Family courts are such a joke.They don't listen, they don't step in, and it's just a process of form and proceedure. It's rarely individualized. I don't know it will do your hubby any good to appeal, I'm sorry to say.

Lori said...

Hi Step mom. I am stepmother. Nice to meet you. I hope it is ok by you, but after reviewing your website I have added a link to it from my website.
I feel your site has much information that my readers/potential readers will find useful. For the record, the bio mom of my four step kids also seems to be suffering from bipolar disorder. Don't you just love the rollercoaster of the emotional bitch? I sure do! Hoping you could detect the sarcasim. Hang in there my sister.

Anonymous said...

Family courts ARE a joke indeed. I just can't believe how many biomoms our there "behave" only when there is an audience and don't actually care for their children. Of course there are lovely biomoms out there... it's just that there seems to be a much higher number of "bad" biomoms than society would like to acknowledge. Very sad for the children and very sad for the good men out there who are being unfairly punished by the system.