Friday, February 8, 2008

Who Needs a Hot Water Bottle?

When you have a feverish toddler to keep you warm!

If she wasn't in bed WITH me, she was ON me.

All. Day.

For TWO days.

She's better today. No fever but you can hear the "stuff" taking up residence in her nose. I better stock up on tissues with lotion.


A New Beginning said...

Ahh.. They are so cute when they are sleeping!

Lots of water to thin out that mucus!! I saw a whole bunch of the flu this past week in the Children's Emergency. It's getting around late this year. Hope she (and you) feel better soon.

mathcutie said...

Hi WSM, I followed you here from Ravelry. Love yer blog.

My little guy just missed an entire week of school and was sleeping 15-18 hours a night. I completely sympathize.

What's up with BM?

Anonymous said...

See? Small children are really carriers of the plague I tell you!Seriously, I hope she feels better soon.

What happened with the weekend situation, your stepdaughter and her mother?

Carrie Ann said...

What a cutie! Hope she's feeling a lot better!
From Chippylibrarian