Monday, February 25, 2008

Spring May Now Come

As we have successfully filled our snow fun quota for the season after Friday's storm dumped close to a foot of snow.

Yep, he's totally aiming for his unsuspecting sister.

But then realized it's way more fun to simply run down the snow-covered hill...

... because snow suits are just as slippery as any sled.

No snow day is complete without hot cocoa. This time, I was smart and started the machine BEFORE we went outside so it was ready-and-waiting for us when we came back inside.

All the fixin's.

Apparently, it's all about the marshmallows.

The perfect cup.

The perfect ending to a perfect day.

(Man these photos suck ass in terms of quality. I just got a new camera and have yet to figure out the proper settings.)


loonyhiker said...

This looks like so much fun! (and it looks cold!) The hot chocolate warmed me up though! lol Great pix. Thanks for sharing.

Lacey said...

The pics are soo cute! Wish I had some hot cocoa.

Susanna said...

A hot cocoa machine? Wow. I didn't know such a wondrous thing existed.

Wicked Stepmom said...

Susanna -

Oh, it does! And it makes so much more than hot cocoa - look!

starshine30 said...

Cannot resist the urge to throw snowballs after every snowstorm!

Mister-M said...

Those photos don't suck... I almost could feel the cold of the snow fun and warmth of the post-fun hot chocolate as I moved through them!

Fun post!

Crafty and Crap said...

you can be my mom any time.. love sprinkles

Devilbluedress said...

But they win on terms of serious cuteness! Go girl.