Monday, January 21, 2008

Addictions. What's Yours?

Hello. My name is Wicked Stepmom, and I'm a lipgloss-aholic.
I confess that I cannot step foot into a pharmacy, supermarket or beauty supply store without picking up the latest and greats in lip quenching products.
They're everywhere.
In my coat pockets,
Pants pockets (which also means they wind up in the washer/dryer),
My desk,
My pocketbook,
My knitting bag (which has SIX pockets!),
Night table,
Diaper bag,
Under the couch (b/c Gretel seems to have inherited my addiction and steals borrows them every chance she gets.)

The latest addition to my ever-growing supply:

Burt's Bees Super Shiny Lip Gloss in Sweet Pink.

Your turn. What's your addiction?


Stepmama Drama said...

My favorite is Burt's Bees Shiny Lip Gloss in Guava! I have 8, I think. They are everywhere.
My Name Is Stepmama-Drama and I'm addicted to books! I can't walk into a bookstore, or Target, or a Walmart without going to the book section and buying a book that I will read on the plane. I have a book backstock of about 2 monhts. But I keep on buying!

A New Beginning said...

I cannot make it through the day without at least on Mountain Dew. And God help those around me if I try.
I work in an Emergency Room, so this might not make sense to most, but I am addicted to Trauma. Anytime a trauma comes in I'm knocking people over to be the first inthe room (not literally of course) I never renig on my Chest compressions until my arms are Jello and I love to be the one who hits the best IV or anything cool and gross. We affectionately call them "Trauma Whores" at the hospital. Recently,I have also become addicted to Fox News. I watch it all day! I'm afraid somthing will happen and I will miss it.
My hubby would probably much prefer I was just addicted to lip gloss instead of mangled bodies.

Lynda said...

My addiction is books...I love books!! I have them everywhere. I buy them whenever I can (I love yardsales, thrift stores and ebay for that) and read at every available opportunity. I usually have 3-4 different books going at a time.

canape said...

Why, blogs, of course :)