Tuesday, December 19, 2006


This picture doesn't even begin to capture the grossness factor going on with this child's thumb.
Red. Flaky. Peeling. Blistered. RAW.
Tried wrapping it in sterile gauze last night. No deal.
Tried wrapping it in sterile gauze and then dressing her in an old infant gown with the built-in fold-over mittens. Well, that just PISSED HER OFF.
A call to the pediatrician's office is forthcoming.
(Once I hit publish 'cuz the Internet must know about this first!)
All I have to say is, better it be her thumb than my BOOB.


daionara said...

Owie! What happened to her thumb and finger?

[Not-So]Wicked Stepmom said...

Doc said it's eczema. The Boy had it when he was a baby. She had some on her chin last winter. He told me to use Eucerin on it... it's getting a little better.