Thursday, June 14, 2012

Cutting to the Chase

With Cinderella now living closer to home with my ex-inlaws (UN-laws, as the case may be), I'm better able to lend my support when needed.
And believe me, it's needed.
(After all these are the same people who raised Prince Charming and his siblings...and none of them escaped unscathed.)
My first priority was getting Cinderella back into therapy.
She had been seeing a lovely girl for over a year prior to her exile to Maleficent's. It helped.
But for one excuse reason or another, Cinderella's mother had not found a therapist to continue therapy while she was living with her and Diablo.
As soon as Cinderella was relocated back into our Kingdom, I broached the subject to Prince Charming with a sense of urgency.
After her recent disclosures of what she had to emotionally endure while living with Maleficent, and hearing her fears about turning our just like Mom, coupled with Prince Charming's accident, injuries AND our non-yet-final divorce... oh boy....
Prince Charming and I agreed it was needed, and after giving him ample time to take care of it himself I volunteered to make the calls.
Cinderella's prior therapist was about to go on maternity leave, so we chose option #2.
My co-worker, mentor and friend - LCSW. The same therapist that helped me navigate these past two years and reclaim my life and power.
Cinderella was comforted to know that LCSW was familiar with most of our fairytale and she was relieved to not have to re-tell her entire Tale of Woe to a stranger, and that she had many 15 year old clients.
It was instant *like*.
LCSW was cool (she texts her teen clients), older (like a mother) and most of all - alternative and holistic. She's quite in tuned with the 6th Sensory stuff that my kids all seem to be pre-disposed to.
With Prince Charming's approval I make the necessary arrangements, set up her first appointment and agree to handle the weekly transportation.
Twenty minutes in to her first appointment, LCSW emerges from her office, leaving Cinderella inside for a moment.
She audibly exhales. Rolls her eyes. And makes a pretend motion as if she wants to choke me.
Wicked, this child needs to be hospitalized AND medicated. Do you know she's been cutting herself since 6th grade?

(to be continued...)


cassee01 said...

oh my gosh! well at least she is getting some help thanks to you.

I hope this turns out alright *finges crossed*

Anonymous said...

HUGS to you!!! poor baby Thank God Cinderella finally found some help!

Anonymous said...

OH my gracious! I haven't been checking in as often as I like, but I think of you and Prince Charming often, and have always hoped things were getting better.

She's very lucky to have you to help her...and I hope she's getting the help she needs!

Love & hugs to all of you!

house cleaner slc said...

Lovely work. You did them so fast.

Sarah Mickalson said...

Your story just amazes me and scares me. It is far too close to my story and Im hoping and praying the end result wont be the same. The only thing my husband and i argue about is his crazy ex and his kids...with pending custody battle thats been in and out of court for over a year now. I find it ironic that if our marriage ends it will be due to this yet in that case he wont be able to keep his visitation he has fought so hard for because he wont be able to financially (without me working or wathcing the kids so he can work).

Jennifer Worrell said...

I'm glad Cinderella is getting help! Hang in there!