Sunday, February 26, 2012


Remember these?

Gretel, now 6, can see them.
In  her room. In my room. In the livingroom. When we're out driving. At school.
"Colors," she calls them. Mostly pink, green and blue. Sometimes white.
Once black. That one was in her room. She thought it was one of us sneaking in to scare her ... but it wasn't.
Half a circle, she said. By her door, as if it were peeking around the corner. About 3ft from the floor.
She's not scared.
Not yet.
I'm taking steps to empower her and make sure she is not frightened by this sixth sense that appears to be developing.


Sadie said...

I have a good friend who has caught "orbs" in photos...very powerful.

I have been empowered by your blog. When my moments of Stepmomhood overwhelm me, I check in and read through the postings and comments and am comforted that 1) things could be worse and 2) I am not alone. I love your mantra "Love your kids more than you hate your ex." I have it at eye level in my home office. My Maleficent causes my blood to boil and anxiety attacks and she is using Cinderella as an object. I try to send blessings and prayers (kill with kindness) and try to keep her negativity off of my but man it is hard! Thank you for your inspiration and sharing. You help me in so many ways.

Sadie said...

that last bit was supposed to be "off of me but..."

Anonymous said...

The most important thing when dealing with this type of stuff is to develop your personal sense of self and and knowing how to use tools of protection. There are many rituals you can do in order to increase both of these things. Nothing too big but if she is sensitive then she will need all the help she can get to control the inflow of information, or at least have tools to make herself feel safe when she is alone.

There are many quick incantations from all sorts of religious traditions for protection. Be as open as possible and use as many as you connect with. St. Michelle's medals are good as are God's eyes, pentacles and other classic symbols of power. Protection chants are easy to find and remember and they always made me feel better.
just a thought.

Do remember that many times orbs in photos are tricks of light or refracted dust, bugs etc. but there is no doubt when one sees one in person. She has a wonderful gift, be well and blessed be. If you want any other input or resources please feel free to ask, though I am sure you will do quite well on your own.

Wicked Stepmom said...

Thank you Sadie, for your feedback. I'm so glad the mantra resonates as well with you as it does with me. I share it OFTEN. :)

Wicked Stepmom said...

Thanks Anon. We typically use white light, quartz and call upon the Angels. Archangel Michael is a biggie with us. I've never heard of St. Michelle and God's eye...will look them up!