Monday, May 24, 2010

And Then There Were Three...

I returned home on Friday to find the contents of Cinderella's room in the driveway.
She and Prince Charming officially moved out this weekend.
Cinderella had already left for her weekend visit with Maleficent and I was informed she would be returning to Prince Charming's cottage on Sunday evening. Not the castle.
This was it. She was gone from my life without warning. My days as a Stepmom have suddenly come to a screeching halt.
No preparation. No goodbyes. No chance for closure or reassurances.
They stopped in briefly on Sunday night to pick up some more of their belongings. She barely had much to say to anyone, let alone me. She swept through like a tornado grabbing what she could and then escaping to the car. Again, without any goodbyes.
Hansel and Gretel were saddened by the brevity of her "visit" here. The reality of what we've been preparing them for has suddenly hit home, again without warning.
I don't know why I continue to be surprised over things. Perhaps I am expecting too much. But is it too much to expect that feelings be taken into consideration and our relationships with Cinderella be treated with a little more respect?
She must be as confused and hurt as we are.

And now, Hansel, Gretel and I must fill the empty spaces left in our castle.


Anonymous said...

I wondered how long it was going to last that he would let her keep coming to spend time with you guys...sorry that it had to 'end' that way! :[

Anonymous said...

sorry baby girl.Things will get better in time. I promise

Marion McDonald said...

I'm really sorry to hear how harsh he's handled things and I hope after the initial adjustment he can be flexible with you, as I'm sure you are with him. I know how much love and time you've invested into Cinderella's upbringing and trust that it will pay off when she realises how much you've done for her. She is old enough to make her own choices and soon will be old enough to have the courage she needs to make the right ones as you've taught her to do. Thinking of you x

Anonymous said...

Right now I know EXACTLY how you feel.

My partner hightailed off to another country without letting me say a proper goodbye to his kid who is now with his mother.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm really sorry. I hope things turn our better than you expect at the moment.

Anonymous said...

It'll get better after the custody battle with M is over. Hopefully PC has explained to her it's not you that's wanting to disrupt her family life as she knows it.

I've been reading you for awhile as a NCM and I'm saddened to read how this has all turned out. Prayers and hugs.

Priyamvada_K said...

Dear Lady (will skip the WickedStepmom bit as you are not at all wicked),
I have been a silent reader of your graceful, and gracious blog.

I admire the way you have stayed gracious throughout.

Sorry to read this particular blog. It must hurt so much.

Sending many kind thoughts and wishes your way.


April said...

I just started following your blog. I'm a soon-to-be stepmom (July 1 is our wedding), and I started my own blog as well.

My heart just broke when I read this post. I haven't read any others - when I said I just started, I meant I just started today. I googled stepmom blogs, and yours was the first one. This breaks my heart. I'm so sorry, and I wish there was more I could say to ease the pain.

That's my biggest fear - that something will happen to my SO, and his evil ex won't ever let me see DD again. I hope you're able to maintain a relationship with Cinderella.

Anonymous said...

Please don't tell me this is the end. Like many others, I have been a silent -- but dedicated -- reader of your blog. Your words have helped me get through some of the hardest days as a stepmom.

My heart breaks for you as I read this entry. I've been living with one of my stepdaughters for only 7 months and an attachment, albeit seemingly one-sided, is already there. I can't image what you must have felt and thought as you saw Cinderella, who's been a part of your life for so long, rushing out of your life that day.

Please, keep blogging. Keep sharing your thoughts and experiences.

Anonymous said...

I am a quiet one too...only reading and relating to your life as a Stepmom. I have my end coming next week, when the 18yr old graduates and the story ends. At least that's how it appears, as if I was only a stepmom as long as dad was 'legally obligated' to be her dad. It's sad really, I think they always forget regardless of what the court or title says we are, we have feelings, we need closure, we need certain things...I may not be her Mom, but that didn't stop me from caring about her like she was my child. Hang in there, you have strength and dedication that I wish I had at times. Being a stepmom is challenging at times and other times just sad.

Lucy C said...

Hi, my comment does not have to do with your post today, but as I visited this family's blog, my heart is so tight, in pain for this parents. So I decided to do something and leave this comment on all the blogs I read... I don't know if it will or not, but I wish I could do something. As a mom, I can't imagine being separated from my baby, please sign te petition... I'm so hertbroken for this family! Maybe if we spread the word in the blogsphere... maybe something good will happen soon.

Olivia~ said...

Well, my goodness... I googled stepmom to find some type of story that gave me hope and my heart is breaking for you. I wish i could mend back all of these pieces for you... being a stepmom is TOUGH... I want to give up alot... God has given me the strength to get through... are you ok?????

Wicked Stepmom said...

Thank you all. :) I am doing ok, putting one foot in front of the other and pushing forward every day.

It's not the end to my fairytale by any means...

Marty, a.k.a. canape said...

Always thinking of you.